Time Is Precious
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Time Is Precious

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Where is the focus of your attention going?

What’s your intention?

Do you allow the objection of your attention to be dictated by the rabble-rousing of the mass media?

Is there a rule written somewhere stating: “What the media presents as ‘important,’ must also be considered important to you, and mulled over ad nauseam in every conversation of your personal life.”?

How anti-establishment is it for your primary focus to be always countering the “official” narrative?

Will conversations laying waste to the media’s sloppily crafted lies ever pave the road to a better civilization?

Why does a dog chase its tail?

Have you read the ‘Protocols of the Elders of Zion’?

Knowing the game of the media, will they ever steer us in a direction, whose opposite leads anywhere useful?

The media will gladly send you off on whore’s errands to the left and right, when you should be looking upward.

Look beyond. Look away from the MK-Ultra device.

Look to your higher self, your deepest interests, to the practical means of improving your own life and let that be your focus.

How many times can you prove the media to be a complete charade before you realize how much time you’ve wasted?

Time is precious. Use it wisely.

~ Dylan Monroe
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