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The Truth About September 11

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A young man caught the 9/11 explosion on his camera, below is what he said live as the twin towers exploded:

“That building just randomly exploded, it’s not a plane. It’s not a plane, they don’t know what they’re taking about. Look that side just blew up, it just blew up, way after that one. 2 mins ago. No, I saw that second building blow up, it just blew up. No, it was not an airplane, it was not. I saw that second building blow up, it was a bomb.”

~ Credit: ZetaTalk.com

The photos of Cheney and Bush and their staff during the hours just after the 911 attack are a body-language bonanza. What is crystal clear is that Cheney was in charge, calm and never rattled and on the phone a lot, and Bush was an anxious wreck. Of course 911 was an inside job with Cheney at the helm in the PEOC (Presidential Emergency Operations Center), where he had been directing a response exercise so similar to the 911 attacks that the exercise delayed the response to the real 911 threat. This was, of course, by design and has never been fully reported by the media, such is the cover-up over 911.

The war in Iraq was called on fraudulent charges as there never were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, and 911 was an inside job. With the Council of Worlds at war with those maintaining the cover-up over Nibiru, revelations as to who was responsible for the 911 treason and the war crimes in Iraq may finally be revealed. Even after the announcement, there will be the aftermath, where the cover-up crowd will try to pretend that the Earth changes are not caused by Nibiru and deny the danger to the populace. They hope that life will go on as before, with the elite on top of the pile and the common man befuddled and kept in the dark. The Council does not agree!

~ ZetaTalk, August 1, 2015

If they can fake an attack by an airplane on a high riser, they can sure fake anything!

Credit: Joseph Oakley

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