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The Spiders Speak

What a better time to speak about spiders than a Halloween season? While I do not celebrate Halloween, I do celebrate the spiders, even more now that I learned from Robert Shapiro — a Shaman, Mystical Man, Professional Trance Channel and Author for over 40 years — what the spiders have to say to us.

Recently I came across a huge spider in the yard in front the apartment where I live and I was totally impressed at the size of it. As my dog walked on the grass, she jumped to the concrete wall of the building next to it and I just couldn’t believe how big it was, and it remained on that wall for the next 2 or 3 days, when I walked to my car just to see another one hanging on a web that she had built around my car tire. I made a short video of it (above) as I was so impressed at the size of that spider. Then I went to search the blog of my dear friend Robert Shapiro and I found the following text he wrote regarding spiders and how to communicate with them. You see, all life forms have a consciousness, and we can tap into it and speak to them, from our physical world. Please do not harm the spiders, they are entitled to their life.

I have found that if you talk to individual spiders they are fascinated. They do understand in their own way and they might come around just to experience more of that. Tell them that you appreciate them very much and you honor them as a life form. If it’s the case, warn them that the area where you live might not be safe for them and ask them to move far, far away so that they will be safe. Don’t talk to a specific spider if you see them but do ask to speak to the teacher of the spiders or the angel or spirit that speaks to the spiders. You talk out loud because you are stating something physically as a physical Earth human being. You are warning a form of life to stay away [if you feel they can be harmed there, where they are].

~ Robert Shapiro

I was thrilled to read Robert’s blog on the spider beings, so I wrote him to say that the spiders made me think of him, and the following is what he so kindly replied to me.

Dear Christina,

These seem to be times where other life forms are considering that we are a portion of their universe as well as our own. It’s like they’ve opened a door to say, “Okay, you are a species we’re prepared to accept but we make one request. Don’t spray or harm us if you don’t have to. If you don’t want us around or nearby just ask us to stay away — meaning you might say, ‘Please allow me to live in my house and around it and I will be happy to see you at times when I am away from my house but if it is your feeling that you are needed near here then I will assume that you are imparting an energy for me to help me and I shall do the best I can to do the same for you.’

That’s what I feel about that.

Goodlife my friend

~ Robert

I love Robert Shapiro and his teachings, as I learned so much from him regarding spiritual and extraterrestrial matters he so marvelously teaches. I highly recommend his books and I’m sharing some of them below.

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