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The Root and Purpose of Money

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Children of The Grave

I came across documents about what is frankly something beyond evil and we have covered much evil within our shows, and wish to give credit to Jim Stone for revealing them.

But knowing something and seeing something can and will bring differing emotions.

These documents put out were about Youth detention centers and the production of adrenochrome, involving children aged 3 to 13 years of age.

This particular exposure and there are many others, focuses on one company called CYM, located out of a science hub in Alderley Park in Cheshire, UK, between the cities of Liverpool and Manchester.

This building was formerly called and owned by a group called ICI, who then changed the name to Zeneca Pharmaceuticals then Astra Zeneca — oh my, Astra Zeneca is the same company Trump sent money to develop the fake vaccines.

CYM bought the building from Astra Zeneca in 2014. CYM’s logo is Caring Is Youth, Youth Is Money, Money Is Freedom, CYM is Caring, Youth and Money, CYM.

I don’t know about you, but what has adrenochrome got to do with caring for the children? “Youth Is Money” is a sick and twisted title in and of itself, but money is not just an issue for this topic either, and is part of a wider range of issues.

Whilst money remains the new god to have and worship, our society will continue to sink to new and deeper lows. They say the love of money is the source of all evil, and this subject proves that statement beyond all doubt. I guess the word love, like caring, has whole different meaning in their world, distorted into a mass of confusion and bullshittery.

Money is an off-world exchange program, [specifically] the Orion system in case you didn’t know, brought here to control people and not just lower class either, but all people. It is used for bribery and seducement on a massive scale, and corrupts most people into various levels of depravity. Child sex and ordinary trafficking, organ harvesting, body parts factories in China, all for the purpose of acquiring pieces of paper with numbers on them.

I said in previous shows that, when people fully understand that your life force energy is far more important and precious, than any amount of pieces of paper with numbers on, then our species will make giant leaps forward.

~ Thomas Williams

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