The End Times Battle Between Good & Evil
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The End Times Battle Between Good & Evil

The End Times battles between Good and Evil are most intense when one side has their back against the wall and is literally fighting for survival. This is the case with the Satanists, who had been supported by the Pointy-Head¹ aliens in Antarctica who are now on the run and leaving the planet. The humans who were part of this Moloch worshiping enterprise are left without leadership and floundering. For some, it is a desperate need for more Adrenochrome harvested from tortured children, having become physically addicted. For most, it is the loss of the rewards they were promised — wealth and political control.

The White Hats worldwide, led by President Trump and his Junta and joined by like-minded forces in every country, have stepped in to stop this evil practice. Moloch worship is primarily a practice that sprang from the Middle East and thence to Europe and by extension to America. But the wider plan by those intent upon making the Earth a home for those in the Service-to-Self included a takeover of the US, long viewed as the prize as it houses the largest military in the world, equivalent to all other military forces in other countries. Biden was bribed early, via Hunter, toward this end.

Thus, the long list of politicians and notables who give evidence of having become Doubles includes those who committed treason during their attempts to service the New World Order agenda. One example is the crimes committed in 2016 in an attempt to sabotage President Trump’s campaign. Where Brennan and Comey are scheduled to appear in the House, it will be stand-ins that are sworn in. Less obvious are the attempts by foreign agents to subvert the democratic process. It is this insurgency that has landed the Squad at Gitmo, where they currently await trial.

~ ZetaTalk Insight 9/30/2020

¹ “The Pointy Headed Service-To-Self (STS) Aliens that resided in Antarctica are fleeing the Planet! They encouraged the most disgusting acts on the innocent, promising the elite who committed “sacrifices” power and wealth. Their goal is to reap as many souls they can to the darkside/STS. It’s a Soul Harvesting operation.” ~

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