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The Description of a God?

After you listen to the below video and read the following partial text, ask yourself the question: Is this the description of a God or a Demon?

“Basing his research on the Bible, Alexander Filipov left in search of the Biblical Paradise … and found it in … India (Dravidia). He saw a picturesque valley with striking plants, animals and birds. It indeed had a border in the form of a horseshoe-shaped chine (the word “paradise” means in Persian “a stone swell which surrounds a garden”). The river Son which flowed from the valley also had an obvious border in the form of an even line of rapids, beyond which even the color of water was different.

“Everything emphasized that this landscape was not of this world. There were stone gates (in the east side of the valley) at the confluence of the rivers. Near the gates there was an enormous statue with a sword. (It is impossible not to remember Cherubim and a flaming sword put to guard the gates of Paradise). Not far away from it a tree grew with the sculptures of three cobras. It was enclosed and decorated with flowers and beads. There was an enormous hand-made tree with a serpent winding around its trunk in the heart of the valley. It turned out that for the Hindu (descendants of the Dravidian and the Naga people) it was a sacral place. They think that Shiva was born in this valley. Shiva in Hinduism and Brahmanism is one of three Supreme deities, along with Brahma and Vishnu. Brahma is a God-Creator, Vishnu is a God-Keeper and Shiva is a God-Destroyer. Shiva in Hinduism is a Great God, Mahadeva, only Brahma and Vishnu are his equals.

“Shiva is eternal; he is the head of evil spirits, the God of fury, madness and wild orgies, and, at the same time, the God of asceticism and the head of yogis. Shiva is a killer of Kama, the deity of love, who dared to trouble his soul. His symbols are a bull, phallus and moon.

“He is usually portrayed with a trident and a necklace made of human skulls. Shiva’s cult requires human sacrifice. Shiva’s wife, Kali the Horrific (Kali-Ma) is an exact likeness of her husband.

“It should be noted that Shiva’s cult originated in the time of patriarchy which forced out Goddesses, in particular the Goddess Kali-Ma, into the background, occupying her “niche” and keeping her specific feature — the human sacrifice. The human sacrifices to Shiva have never stopped and continue at present.

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My personal conclusion is that ALL heroes of earthly religions are these hybrids (half-human-half-reptilian) beings, enslavers of humanity through religious beliefs and all other beliefs, including the beliefs acquired from government, entertainment industry and the mainstream media! In order for these beings to maintain their human appearance, they must drink human blood, which explains the blood sacrifices! Listen the below video entirely and decide for yourself.

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