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Soul Harvesting

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There is a human soul harvesting going on for eons. Right now this effort has intensified because the soul harvesters are going to be taken from Earth, which will transform in a major way, and they want to take as many souls as they can with them to the hell — actually another planet, or realm if you will — reserved from them! This event, which is their removal from this solar system, is what Nibiru, the approaching astral body, a very negative planet, will bring with its passage through this solar system!

Part 1

Part 2

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The Vigeland Park in Oslo, Norway, is a representation of this soul harvesting by the beings that have been slaving humanity for thousands of years through our beliefs.

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Another way the soul can be harvested is through Yoga! Beginning at minute 17:33 of the video below, Nyla Nguyen explains how this is done.

Credit to Nyla Nguyen at BitChute, UgeTube and Odysee

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