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Contractual partnership compatibility report, either for marriage or business. This service includes a written report containing the astrological¹, numerological² and/or palmistry³ analysis for compatibility between the given partners. Data required for this report:

  • Date of birth of both partners, to include a numerological analysis (mandatory).
  • Place and time of birth of both partners, to include an astrological analysis (optional).
  • Photos of the hands of both partners, to include a palmistry analysis (optional).

Without at least one of the above data (pictures of hands, date and/or time of birth) this service is not possible.

The final product will be a digital file, in PDF format, emailed and downloadable to the buyer, within 5-7 business days.

¹ Astrological analysis is only possible if the birth time and location are provided. Otherwise the analysis will be done using numerology and palmistry only.
² If the date of birth is not known either, then the analysis is only possible using palmistry.
³ If photos of both partners’ hands are not provided, then nothing is possible. Therefore, at least one of these data (photos of hands, date and/or time of time) must be provided.

Size Chart

1 PDF document with approximately 4 or more pages