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Our World Is About To Change Forever

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A truly shocking compilation by Janet Ossebaard, credited to the below video.

This documentary was made by researcher and author Janet Ossebaard from the Netherlands, with the aid of countless ‘Anons’ across the world: “It contains thousands of hours of research. I urge you to accept nothing as the truth. Please do your own research and double-check everything I present to you. That is the only way to truly wake up and become an independent thinker.”

Below is a video by international attorney Reiner Fullmich, subtitled in Spanish, confirming that the “pandemic” is actually a plandemic, which constitutes a crime against humanity!

“We are up against some really powerful and devious and bad, evil people. But they’re not a united front. We’re on the good side. I am firmly convinced that we have the better people, who know much more, not just intellectually. The thing is . . . we’re humans, and they’re not. I see a much better world at the end of this tunnel.”

~ Dr. Reiner Fuellmich

UPDATE: 2020-NOV-13

The Purging of The Cabal

“This is a full-fledged revolution. … So, what’s happening now, contrary to what many believe, [is that] Trump is very much in control. … He’s watching the game, manipulating it and you don’t see it.

“Trump will win! I’d like to ask the people of America to please just stay calm, do what you’re doing, go to work, let’s get the economy back up again; I want all the small businesses to come up again. This notion of a pandemic is nonsense.”

~ Dr. Steve Pieczenik

I must admit I’m not a fan of Alex Jones and do not wish to promote him; however, the portion of his video above is being used solely to share the statements of Dr. Pieczenik as he was exclusively interviewed on his show.

UPDATE: 2021/JAN/10

The Trump Presidency is a Military Sting Operation

UPDATES (2021-JAN-21)

What Went Wrong and What’s Next

I read/heard in the intel community that the Cabal threatened to nuke the entire east coast of the USA if the Biden inauguration wasn’t allowed by the military. This threat was what imposed a delay in the plans, but not the end. Other maneuvers — in this more than 50-year war against these monsters — are being implemented and the information available at the moment is that we may need to wait until April 15 to be complete. … Learn more

The “Inauguration” Is Illegitimate

We are under Martial Law and in that state, Congress and SCOTUS are irrelevant, by law. There was no inauguration yesterday.

Just days before the January 20 inauguration the Junta plan had been leaked by several participants. The National Guard was in position to guard against the Antifa riots that had overrun the Capitol on January 6, but also to arrest those members of Congress who had participated in treason during the Electors certification and Impeachment hearing. They knew the election had been stolen with a foreign interference assist, but went along with the fraud anyway. The inauguration was to be disrupted by an EBS notification to the people of America and the world, scheduled to run for a solid 72 hours.

This did not happen, but the EBS may still occur at some point in the future. Were members of Congress and other treason participants arrested? Yes, because thousands of the National Guard had been deputized to be federal Marshals. These individuals were arrested and told they must RESIGN their positions or be tried for treason. Thus mass resignations can be anticipated in the near future, and the House and Senate will turn into Republican hands as a result. The fraudulent inauguration of the Biden Double and Harris Double was allowed to proceed because of last minute dirty bomb threats.

It is of record that there was a threat to the Supreme Court building, but the public is not being given the full picture. The purported gas explosion in Madrid, which occurred just hours before the scheduled inauguration, was used as an example, as was the Nashville dumpster bomb. The message was “Here is what we plan to do, in multiple locations, unless you allow a Biden presidency”. For multiple reasons the inauguration of the Biden Double was not legal. DC was under Martial Law, per a President Trump EO, on January 20, and thus Congressional action was not in force for that day.

~ ZetaTalk

The Final Trump Move?

UPDATES (2021-JAN-22)

A White House Studio?

If they are willing to fake the vote, they are willing to fake everything!

The Real Biden vs. The Actor Biden

Joe Biden is Actor Jim Carrey?

Military Blocks Insurrection

In another worthy reading article, Wayne Jett confirms the actual development of theses historical events.

UPDATES (2021-JAN-24)

Sam Donaldson Exposed Biden’s Lies Back in The 80’s

George Tonks tried to expose Joe Biden’s sexual escapades!

UPDATES (2021-JAN-27)

Based on what I have read/heard so far, along with my knowledge of laws I’ve learned, the bankruptcy of the USA Inc. cannot be produced as proof of their end because all the courts are corrupted and engaged in racketeering and many other crimes. This is much bigger than most people realize. The Constitution is above all the courts and that’s why the military is the only power that can take authority over the Nation in defense of its Constitution and from that point on the branches of government will have to be reorganized and reestablished. I think the insolvency (of the USA Inc., over which Donald Trump was president) is automatic once there is no president appointed over the corporation, as [Trump] wasn’t [certified] by Congress, by 00:01 on the 20th of January (per the bylaws of the incorporation). Biden, being a double (as the original is already executed by military tribunal, in addition to being under criminal investigation and hence unqualified as a candidate) couldn’t have been certified as president and is therefore an infiltrator by illegal means over a dissolved corporation. It’s all a sham and a theater that “serves” to keep the populace under certain control. What we’ll see forward is complete make over of the USA, in drips! There is no more USA Inc.!

UPDATES (2021-JAN-29)

Fireworks at the Capitol after Mass Arrests?!

The video clip below, captured by Earth’s TV of the White House, shows fireworks after what seems to be a mass arrest followed by several blackouts. The entire operation seems to have happened over a period of 7 hours, with some of it captured on this 3½-hour video.

Could it be that the mass arrests at the White House actually happened on the 21st of January? If true, it means that in fact the cabal was taken down but to the public was announced it was postponed as part of the plan to avoid potential public unrest as it would be known by the entire country. The fireworks at the end of the below video seems to mean a celebration of the success of the operation. It looks like it already happened! Perhaps the Biden show is being allowed to continue on just to give his supporters a taste of what would be the result of their choices. I have heard that the month of February will be chaotic as we will continue seeing this drama unfolding until it ends predictably by April 15th. I can’t wait to see the end of this. It’s agonizing.

UPDATES (2021-FEB-05)

Mike Lindell Exposing Election Fraud and the Theft of America with Absolute Proof

UPDATES (2021-FEB-20)

The End Is Near

“The cabal are in a state of desperation. They are attempting to steal the assets of the East while offering currencies that have no value.

They are fighting to stay alive whilst trying to create a duplicate of the Bretton Woods agreement with a new name: The New World Order.

But the East is no longer sleeping. Nor are We The People in The West.

It is nearly over. Soon you will find Donald Trump in the position of President, as such that he legally won. And we will find many of those who attempted to steal the US elections in Guantanamo as well as American prisons.

Enjoy your read. This all is coming to a head. …”

~ Neil Keenan

UPDATES (2021-FEB-23)

Just For Fun

UPDATES (2021-MAR-3)

President Trump will be reinstated eventually

~ ZetaTalk.com

Per the Zetas, President Trump will be reinstated …

… CPAC 2021 celebrated President Trump as leader of the free world. The majority of Americans who voted for President Trump in the 2020 elections are seething that the election appears to be stolen from him, and stolen from them. President Trump will be reinstated eventually, though the Junta has their hands full at present with multiple threats to the Homeland, but in the meantime, the seething among the Patriots does not relent. ….

~ ZetaTalk.com

UPDATES (2021-MAR-8)

Why is it taking so long to reinstate President Trump?

The Zetas respond …

Videos of the White House published on January 30 show children being escorted out of the White House in the dead of night amid reports that tunnels under DC were being used to stage children in cages for Moloch worship. These claims are true, but more than children were found in the tunnel system, which was being guarded at all exits by the National Guard. Recently rumors have emerged in the alternative media that CCP soldiers were found in the tunnel system, and this is true. For those who question why it is taking the Junta so long to reinstate President Trump, this is the reason. They are still literally smoking out the CCP under DC.

~ ZetaTalk.com

UPDATES (2021-MAR-13)

The Shot That Will Be Heard Around The World

Neil Keenan is elected the Amanah in Indonesia

The people of the world will soon be exposed to the entire show (not just fragments of it) and this will be an eye opener. … Learn more

UPDATES (2021-MAR-31)

Trump Sworn in For A Second Term?!

The Junta has sworn in President Trump for a second term

~ ZetaTalk.com

The ETs Zetas state that indeed President Trump invoked the Insurrection Act on January 11, 2021 and, therefore, Biden’s presidency is illegitimate and in fact a sting operation, which was affected by the discovery of CCP soldiers invasion in the secret tunnels of Washington, DC. They also inform that President Trump has been sworn in by the military Junta for his second term!

ZetaTalk Confirmation 3/31/2021:  We stated in the Summer of 2020 that the Black Hat Biden being run by the Cabal had been replaced by a White Hat Biden under the control of the Junta. This gave the Cabal few choices, one of which was to allow the Junta’s Biden to win the election via the election fraud the Cabal had already put into place. The Cabal assumed they would eventually regain control of the Biden persona. The Junta was busy running a sting operation at the time, and this was such a rich harvest of traitors that they allowed the Biden Double to win.

But the Biden Double was not actually sworn in as President on January 21, 2021 because President Trump had invoked the Insurrection Act on January 11, 2021. This made any actions by Congress irrelevant as Martial Law was in effect at the time. The National Guard was installed in DC to assist with the arrests of traitors. The Junta intended to reveal all to the public but this plan was complicated by the discovery of CCP soldiers in the tunnels under the White House. Dirty bomb threats and other delay maneuvers by the Cabal also ensued.

Meanwhile, the public is watching a movie about the fake President Biden. Forced to delay by the need to fight a real invasion of the US by the CCP, the Junta allows their White Hat Biden to be used in video clips filmed at Castle Rock or Nellis Air Force Base to lend legitimacy to the Biden-as-President theme. These are presented by the Cabal controlled media as proof that a Biden Presidency is real, but the Junta allows enough proof of fraud to be included so the public will gradually become awake during the delays.

These clues include a darkened White House, Oval Office window views, blank Executive Orders being signed, signature differences, and now proof of a Green Screen. Meanwhile, the Junta has sworn in President Trump for a second term. The only legitimate Executive Orders being signed are those signed by President Trump. For example, the approval for the stimulus checks was given by President Trump. Are Heads of State worldwide aware that the Biden Presidency is a movie? Most are.

~ Zetas

UPDATES (2021-APR-15)

This Is It!

Read the entire article here

UPDATES (2021-APR-27)

Meanwhile, the Biden Circus continues on!

The real White House is a NO-FLY ZONE! Meaning, no airplanes are allowed to fly over it! 🤣😂😆

UPDATES (2021-MAY-27)

The Overturn of The US 2020 Election

RealRawNews.com is reporting that Supreme Court Justice Amy Comey Barret was placed under house arrest with an ankle bracelet. Is this true?


These rumors arise because the Junta is preparing to … Learn more

UPDATES (2021-JUN-1)

Predictive Linguistic with Cliff High: Vindication Coming


Where We’re Now and Where We’re Going

I’m closing this post with a brilliant message from Cliff High (in the video below), whom I’ve been off and on following since 2008, briefly explaining where we came from, where we are now and where we are going, based on predictive linguistics. Nothing else matters except love.

Love may have a blooming going into the shift, as it ought, those with great love in their hearts responding to the realization that little else matters.

~ ZetaTalk.com

As much as I enjoy Cliff High’s insights with his predictive language method, I do not agree with everything he says. For example, he has stated, in other videos, that he doesn’t believe any secret military tribunal is happening and I disagree with that solely because the ETs Zetas say they are indeed happening, at GITMO, and I tend to believe the Zetas’ information as most accurate, albeit not 100%, over others. My conclusion is that nobody is 100% accurate and we have to go with the ones that are most accurate most of the time, which the Zetas are.

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