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Modern Servitude

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The dissemination of this film is purposely independent of all Mass Media and has no commercial ends. It relies on the good will of brothers-in-arms to guarantee it be widely broadcast. You are thus totally free to organize a projection of this film under your own conditions. However, there is one caveat, the dissemination or broadcast of this film must be totally free of charge.

It is understood that all organizations of a nationalist, racist or anti-Semitic nature will never have our consent to appropriate this film under any circumstance. Obviously, they rank first on our list of enemies.

~ Jean-François Brient et Victor León Fuentes

Realize that your slavery is by consent. That’s why you’re told in advance what they will do, usually through TV, mainstream media and Hollywood productions. That’s also how earth’s justice system works. It’s ALL by consent. Hence, all you need to do is to remove your consent and say NO to their slavery of you. To remain silent and compliant means to consent.

The Masks Speak

Credit: Ben Garrison

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