Is NESARA a Fraud?

Is NESARA a Lie?

According to the ETs Zetas, yes. Read on below:

Is there really such an economic restructuring plan called NESARA which is sometimes also called GESARA, in that it’s supposedly now a global movement?

We have stated that this effort is a fraud, to test the gullibility of mankind. Bankers and the wealthy elite would never release the control their positions give them. Beyond that, how would such a gift be handled? Some owe a pittance, having been frugal, others spendthrifts. Should all be given equal treatment? For all these reasons, but mainly because it was never considered in the first place, mankind should not expect this. Paper money will become worthless, the barter system will spring up, but until the last weeks the banks and stock markets will pretend that all is well. Banks will limit withdrawals, stock will have value on paper but be unable to sell as no buyers exists, but your creditors will still be demanding payment until the phones go dead and all travel is impossible!

~ Zetas

Personally, of course I would love to believe that NESARA/GESARA is true, but, it doesn’t seem to be. I’m not counting on it and prefer to prepare for the future according to the Zetas’ instructions.

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